Custom Photography of Your Classic Car

She's your baby -- your pride and joy. And you've treated her special all these years. Now make sure the whole world sees her the way you do with custom classic portraits by Greg Richter. Greg has been shooting photos as a professional journalist, portrait photographer and artist for decades. But more importantly, he's a classic automobile owner himself. He's driven a 1957 Chevrolet 3700 pickup since 1984, making him the vehicle's longest owner.

Your Classic Not So Sparkly?

Untitled photo

Greg has a 1969 Chevy Impala as well that still has some nice patina on it. So if your classic isn't in tip-top shape, don't think she isn't photo-worthy. Greg knows just how to make her history indelible.

Interior views

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Everybody knows the outside of your classic, but you're most intimate with the interior: the wheel, the dash, and gearshift. There's no need to neglect that important part of your baby in your photo shoot, and Greg knows know to do it right.

And more

`1957 Chevrolet pickup in city lights

Want an artistic or "out-there" shot? Greg can handle those too. Just ask!

Don't Have a Classic Car?

Not to worry. Greg is a fan of all things classic. He can do a photo shoot with your classic camera(s), telephone, typewriter, sewing machine, farming equipment, barn or much, much more.

Don't have your own? Buy from the gallery

If you don't have your own classics to photograph -- or just want to choose from Greg's gallery of his own stuff, check out the gallery. It's constantly growing. You can buy art prints of varying sizes or items ranging from coffee mugs to mouse pads and magnets.

Get a quote for a shoot

Want to schedule a photo shoot? If you live in the North Alabama area, contact Greg at